Dr Dimitra Capone, Associate Wine Judge at the 2019 Limestone Coast Wine Show. Picture: Supplied by D Capone

Dr Dimitra Capone was invited to the recent 2019 Limestone Coast Wine Show (LCWS) as an associate wine judge and to speak about her research in the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production.

The LCWS had announced that sparkling wine entries had almost doubled in 2019, but it was no surprise that the two-year old Cabernet class remained as the most popular category, given the firm hero status of Cabernet Sauvignon in the region.

Dimitra’s attendance was very fitting, considering she is conducting research to characterise the distinctive flavours of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wines, with a focus on the Coonawarra. 

The wine show was also a great opportunity for Dimitra to spend time with her projects Industry partner.

The Associate wine judge role provided me with the opportunity to gain further insights into particular sensory attributes of the Cabernet Sauvignon classes that could be further investigated within my project. ~Dr Dimitra Capone


Dimitra was also grateful to the LSCWS committee, who “did a fantastic job organising this event and were extremely welcoming. The judging team provided the Associate judges with valuable advice and were extremely knowledgeable.”

Capitalising on the visit, Dimitra presented a snapshot of her research at dinner after the first day of judging. The talk was very well received, with many attendees mentioning that they looked forward to seeing further results.  



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