History 2014-2017

The ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production (TC-IWP) was initially funded for three years in the first round (2013) of the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Program (project number IC130100005).

The first Centre’s key objective was to develop an integrated, whole-of-production chain approach to manage flavour and alcohol content in Australian wine production through the following specific aims:

  • Through the vineyard: curb sugar accumulation, accelerate the development of flavour compounds and minimise taint compounds in the grape.
  • At the winery: remove sugar prior to fermentation, divert sugar away from alcohol, improve the reliability and reduce the duration of high sugar fermentations, and enhance the sensory properties of wine.
  • Post fermentation: selectively remove alcohol and develop additives to adjust levels of sensory compounds in wines from under-ripened grapes or lost from wines of lower(ed) alcohol content.
  • Define current market and consumer perceptions and preferences for lowered-alcohol wine and use this knowledge to inform the production process.
  • Train at least 15 highly skilled researchers in the broad field of grape and wine science who have an excellent working relationship with industry and can therefore contribute to the industry’s success beyond this project.

TC-IWP Flowchart

The Centre was led by Director, Professor Vladimir Jiranek and administered by The University of Adelaide. The Centre brought together diverse research expertise, facilities and commercial insights of twelve partners with additional support from Wine Australia.


Centre partners

  • The Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Laffort Oenologie Australia Pty Ltd
  • Memstar Pty Ltd
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  • Tarac Technologies Pty Ltd
  • BioInnovation SA
  • CSIRO Plant Industry
  • Lowe Wines Pty Ltd
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • SA Research and Development Institute
  • Treasury Wine Estates Vintners Ltd

Chief Investigators

  • Professor Vladimir Jiranek (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Stephen Tyerman (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Kerry Wilkinson (University of Adelaide)
  • Associate Professor David Jeffery (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Alain Deloire (Charles Sturt University)
  • Professor Dennis Taylor (University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Roberta Crouch (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Leigh Schmidtke (Charles Sturt University)

Partner Investigators

  • Professor Rob Walker (CSIRO)
  • Associate Professor Markus Herderich (AWRI)
  • Dr Theunes Johannes van der Westhuizen (Laffort Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Dr Lin Lin Low (Tarac Technologies)
  • David Lowe (Lowe Wines Pty Ltd)
  • Associate Professor Suzy Rogiers (NSW Department of Primary Industries)
  • Associate Professor Victor Sadras (SARDI)
  • Dr Vanessa Stockdale (Treasury Wine Estates Vintners Ltd)
  • David Wollan (Memstar Pty Ltd)

ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production team

Centre PhD Students and Research Associates

The Centre recruited thirteen PhD students and four Research Associates to work on collaborative projects with the Centre’s Chief Investigators and Industry Partners to progress the Centre’s key objective.  An additional senior Research Associate, Dr Renata Ristic, was recruited to coordinate the translation of ‘whole of production chain’ wine science research to industry outcomes.

The research was regularly disseminated to the wine industry through workshops held by the Centre in various Australian wine regions, national and international conferences and through the Centre’s Annual Reports and Technical Notes.

The students and ECRs were a talented group with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Together, they were able to form strong networks with each other as well as with the Centre’s industry partners.

Below you can see where the Centre’s PhD graduates secured employment, which have included a range of roles in academic, government and industry organisations;

  • Zelmari Coetzee – Senior Research Scientist with the Victorian State Government
  • Chao Dang – Founder and Director of his own wine export business
  • Ana Hranilovic – Postdoctoral Research Fellow in a collaborative project between the University of Bordeaux and TC IWP industry partner Laffort Oenologie
  • Sijing Li – Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Charles Sturt University
  • Chen Liang – Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the US Department of Agriculture
  • Rocco Longo – Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Tasmania
  • Duc-Truc Pham – Research role with TC IWP industry partner Treasury Wine Estate Ltd
  • Bora Qesja – Lecturer at the Australian Institute of Business and part-time researcher on a Wine Australia funded research project based at the University of Adelaide
  • Olaf Schelezki – Lecturer in Viticulture at the University of Lincoln, New Zealand
  • Federico Tondini – Research role at biotechnology company AEB based in USA
  • Lieke van der Hulst – Research Winemaker with TC IWP industry partner Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Zeyu Xiao – ARC Research Associate in the current ARC TC IWP based at Charles Sturt University
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Year Title / Topic Source
2018 Media Release: Wild yeasts may hold key to better wines from warmer climates University of Adelaide
2018 Chen Liang’s PhD research using magnetic polymers to remove unwanted compounds from wine
2018 Centre makes lower alcohol a higher priority Wine Australia News
2018 Media Release: Researchers discover wine grapes gasping for breath University of Adelaide
2018 Zeyu Xiao’s PhD research: Researchers discover wine grapes gasping for breath
2018 Olaf Schelezki’s PhD research: Some good news about water and wine Wine Australia
2017 New centre for innovative wine production launches in South Australia The Lead SA
2017 $4.4 million for industrial transformation training centre for innovative wine production The Waite
2017 Media Release: $11.93 million for new research at Uni of Adelaide University of Adelaide
2017 Media Release: $466 million strengthen Australia’s industries Australian Research Council
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2016 Bursary assists travel to Bordeaux for ‘non-conventional’ reasons Wine Australia
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2015 New centre to help industry make the best wines Newsmaker
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2015 Media Release: New centre to help industry make the best wines University of Adelaide
2015 Media Release: Launch of the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production Ministers for the Department of Education & Training
2015 UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s backs Adelaide University research on Britons’ wine preferences ABC News
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2014 Winery teams with University to research low-alcohol wine methods Mudgee Guardian
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