Membrane filtration technologies for efficient wine processing and recovery of valuable extracts


For many years, ultrafiltration has been used extensively in water, dairy and medical applications. Despite trials for winemaking applications, it is yet to see serious uptake by the wine industry, because early research deemed it unsuitable. Nevertheless, given the advances in technology and strong support from VA Filtration, there is great merit in developing the technology and applications further, to benefit winemaking.


These projects will develop membrane filtration technologies to enable the replacement of current inputs that create waste (e.g. bentonite fining of proteins) and optimise wine macromolecular content while also gaining useful ‘waste’ streams, e.g. a concentrated phenolic/pigment/antioxidant fraction, which can be utilised to fine-tune wine sensory profiles or used as an adjunct in other wines.

Project leader

Kerry Wilkinson
University of Adelaide


Yihe (Eva) Sui
(PhD Student)
University of Adelaide

Other investigators

David Wollan
VA Filtration

Jacqui McRae
University of Adelaide

Richard Muhlack
University of Adelaide

Industry partners

The Australian Wine Research InstituteVAF Wine Filtration

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