Inter-vine signalling via plant volatiles


Plants emit and respond to an array of volatile organic signalling molecules under conditions of biotic and abiotic stresses. Although unknown in grapevines, preliminary evidence from potted grapevines shows that water-stressed vines communicate with their well-watered neighbours and elicit a physiological water stress response.


This project will test the hypothesis that during stress or key phenological events (e.g. fruit-set or ripening), ‘source’ vines emit volatile signals that induce ‘receiver’ plants to respond in kind.  Growers may be able to use a handful of source vines, or indeed other plants, in order to manipulate outcomes in nearby vines.  This work will be the first scientific characterisation and demonstration of inter-vine signalling of water stress.


Project leader

Vinay Pagay
University of Adelaide

Other investigators

Associate Professor
David Jeffery
University of Adelaide

Stephen Tyerman
University of Adelaide

Suzy Rogiers

Industry partners

AGRFNSW Department of Primary Industries

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