Overcoming taint from vineyard exposure to bushfire smoke


A partially burnt Adelaide Hills vineyard. Photo: K. Wilkinson

Bushfire frequency and severity have increased due to climate warming. Taint, from vineyard exposure to smoke, remains an issue of major concern for grape and wine producers worldwide, and an ongoing threat to long-term economic viability, despite significant scientific progress over the past decade.


In this project, field trials will occur in Australian and USA vineyards to:

  • evaluate sensors and develop methods for monitoring vineyard smoke exposure
  • identify physiological factors that influence smoke uptake by grapevines
  • build on current work to develop strategies for mitigating/remediating the sensory effects of smoke taint

Producers will benefit from faultless wines and consumers can enjoy wines uncompromised by smoke taint

Project leader

Kerry Wilkinson
University of Adelaide


Colleen Szeto
(PhD Student)
University of Adelaide

Other investigators

Nick Dokoozlian
E. & J. Gallo

Vinay Pagay
University of Adelaide

Industry partners

The Australian Wine Research InstituteE. & J. Gallo Winery

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