Coordination of TC-IWP Research

The Research Coordinator is directly involved in the conduct and coordination of experimental research activities utilising UA, CSU and partner organisation facilities and expertise. They seek to achieve synergies, efficiencies and integration (where appropriate) across our broad range or research topics.


The primary objectives of the Coordinators’ activities are to:

  1. Build a strong, compact and collaborative research team with coordinated research trials.
  2. Enhance the sharing of resources, facilities and expertise in participating organisations to achieve synergies and efficiencies leading to greater and broader outputs.
  3. Conduct research that links several TC-IWP projects and possibly existing and planned CSU and UA projects funded by Wine Australia.
  4. Define the unique chemical and sensory properties of distinct Australian wines made through more efficient processes that reduce waste and costs, and drive profitability (e.g. links projects 6-9, 10 and 14).
  5. Drive the collation, interpretation and dissemination of outcomes from TC-IWP projects via various extension mechanisms: articles in wine industry journals, industry seminars and workshops, presentations on integrated TC-IWP research activities at domestic and international conferences.

Latest News

Project leader

Renata Ristic
(Research Coordinator)
University of Adelaide

Industry partners

Wine Australia